Thursday, March 6, 2014

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Ukelele cover)


February 9th, 2014 Chinese New Years Celebration


Here is the official video of the performance I mentioned in my latest post, Spinning Vortex of Energy, that Alec Bridges and myself presented at the Chinese New Years Celebration, celebrating the year of the horse at Yo San University.  We practiced this in secret for over a month.  I wanted to surprise as well as thank the entire school, Dr. Mao & Dao from The Tao of Wellness, as well as my father for all of the endless love, energy and support that has been sent my way.  And now I would love to share this to all of my readers as a thank you as well.  I am still amazed that I smiled at fear that day and sang in front of everyone that was there.  It feels like a dream. WOW.  Dreams really do come true! I look forward to continuing to amaze myself of being capable of what I have feared and felt incapable of. JAI! I love you all. 

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