Monday, November 25, 2013


Hey you all, I will post a more in depth update in the next couple days.  First I just wanted to test out my new blog and make sure that it is working and all of you can get the update sent to your email so you can follow my updates and path. The picture below was taken 48 hours after the biopsy when they finally removed the bandage. My shaved hair has already started to grow a bit to hide my scalp.  The staples are still in my skin and are supposed to be removed on Wednesday this week.   I am amazed by all of you sending your love, healing and support my way. I can feel it so strongly; it is amazing. I have never felt the energy of people move like this before and it it is beautiful and incredible. Thank you all.


  1. I'm always here for you Gabby! <3 The energy is just the energy you've given to so many people over the years coming back to you.


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