Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank You Danielle!

         Holy Moly WOW!! I am moved touched and inspired by the fundraiser my friend Danielle DiVittorio started.  To get out of the hospital and be gifted by the financial support of many was astonishing! She has been a true friend since the day we met, about eleven years ago. Sometimes there are parts of our lives that we can look back on and wonder why certain things happen. When I graduated high school I went to George Mason University for a year and ended up dropping out because I felt no direction and my grades were dropping. Danielle is one of the only aspects that has continued to be a strong and influential part of my life from that experience. She has been and still is  like family and a positive strength in my life.

          Her starting a fundraiser has been a life moving event.  I did not even know it was happening until it had already unfolded to something beyond I could ever imagine. I am awed by her swiftness to create such an amazing movement. It has touched my soul in many more ways than the financial aspect of it.  Having so many people that have reached out and moved me with their healing energy, love and support has been life changing. It has brought forward so many close friends and family as well as people that I have never even met in person before, which makes me view the world in a whole new light. Thank you to everyone in my life for reaching out in all different ways. Below is the website link in case some of you haven't seen Danielle's astounding movement, and then below the website is Danielle and myself a couple years ago laying on the beach in Venice soaking in the sun and each other.

I Love you Danielle!!

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