Monday, April 10, 2017

The Garden of Weeden

There is a bigger blog post in the works that will be sharing more of this adventure iI have been on, but for now here is a poem also explaining it in a nutshell. This poem was written by me today in Deepa's garden which is full of weeds, and I sat there correlating the weeds to my own (fear, anger, seizures, worry, stories, obstacles, hardships) and this is what came out!

The Garden of Weeden:

The new moon sets
And starts to grow.
The trees dance wild
As the sharp Santa Ana winds blow.

The plants they speak
a sacred song.
Connecting to earth
Where they belong.

The shadows they move
And around they play.
As the sunlight guides them 

to show the way.

The seeds lay covered
Within the darkness of earth
Surrendering to the rain 

to awaken to give them birth

The plant is born and 

shoots up to the sky.
Up to heaven
It wants to fly.

As the flowers come
And begin to grow.
Along comes the weeds
Telling them to slow.

As the plant surrenders
To all the weeds.
It feels stuck AGAIN
Like a baby seed.

Since the weeds remain, 

with the plants.
The flowers rise up and

 ask the weeds to dance.

From this dance, 

the plants can see
That heaven is on earth,
And comes from the seed.

So thanks to the weeds
For changing the play.
To allow the plants to
Find the way.

Heaven is also here 

on this earth.
Keep those roots grounded and 

remember their worth!

Love, Gabrielle

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