(Written by Gabrielle's dear friend Ellie)


Think about a time when you felt truly safe. Where life’s howling winds and swirling uncertainty were not even within earshot. Remember that calm you felt as your wants, worries, fears, unknowns and insecurities slipped away and you basked in the warm glow of something greater. Did you not feel stronger? Did your body not react? Now think about a time when you were scared—when your heart pounded in your ears like a drumroll and you felt yourself losing footing, fast. Did you not feel weaker? Did your body not react? We all experience ups and downs, moments of great triumph and moments of defeat, but our common experience unites us and we are not alone. 

We are a family connected by our humanity our mortality and our capacity to love. When one of our own is struggling or suffering, we must rally around her and lift her back up. Gabby has an amazing and expansive family that has formed a circle around her. What I’m writing to ask you today is that you continue hold hands in the circle and do the incredible work you’ve been doing for Gabby—and for all of us. Sadly, we live in an age of high-speed, instant gratification. Our patience dwindles and dies out as we come to expect quick and seamless resolutions. Unfortunately, no matter how many apps are developed, we will never be able to control the passage of time or change its purpose. Gabby’s healing journey is going to take as much time as it needs to take. We must all trust in the process, give of ourselves as much as we’re able and bask in that warm, safe light of our common connection. 

I have known Gabrielle since we were five and started school together. We’ve played on sports teams, shared adventures, and even went to surf camp together. Many of you reading this have known Gabby at different times of her life and love. But at this challenging time, let’s not forget to support her—emotionally and financially—and in all the adventures to come.

Love to you all, 


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